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Doctors usually prescribe Adderall as a treatment for serious cases of hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder. There are also some cases where the child does not get the necessary amount of energy to do his or her homework and study or perform physical activities. You can easily buy Adderall from any of your online pharmacy. But, as a matter of fact, Adderall really is just a generic brand name of the drug. It is actually a combination of two different amphetamine-like drugs namely extra amphetamines.

Basically, it is a combination of four different amphetamine-like compounds namely extra amphetamines, dextrorotary amines, levoamphetamines and phenylamphetamines. The most common components are the amphetamines known as amphetamines. These substances, when taken in the correct quantity, can reduce the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. They are prescribed to ADHD children who do not respond positively to normal drugs. But sometimes, they may even cause some harmful side effects on the body. So, in order to avoid all such unpleasant events, people are now able to buy the generic versions of Adderall without any hassle.

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